Monday, July 13, 2020

Today is Northwest Ordinance Day.

Today is Northwest Ordinance Day.  I had intended to post something a little more substantive about this (which I will just post tomorrow, instead), but I have been unable to find any indication on the state website or in the news that Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has proclaimed July 13th, 2020 Northwest Ordinance Day as the Indiana Code calls upon the governor to do each year.  (For those who were going to ask me whether he issued an executive order declaring IC 1-1-14-1 suspended and moving Northwest Ordinance Day to June, the answer is no.  I checked.)

The day will not end for over another hour, so the governor may yet issue the proclamation.  (It is also possible that he has already issued it and I simply failed to find anything online indicating that it happened.)  However, since this happens to be a problem that I can solve on my own -- I can proclaim things when I choose to do so -- I have decided to come to the assistance of my state and our governor by proclaiming today "Northwest Ordinance Day" in Indiana.  I cannot attach a seal to it that depicts a bison jumping over a log, but still think that my proclamation will serve its purpose: to come to the aid of my state by stating, "Today is Northwest Ordinance Day."

(Make no mistake: I am not overselling the importance of this assistance.  Some people take Northwest Ordinance Day very seriously -- even more than I do.)

So, here it comes:

I proclaim that today, July 13th, 2020, is Northwest Ordinance Day in the State of Indiana, and presumably in a few other states as well.

There.  It is done.

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