Monday, June 15, 2015

"Rectum vel Judiciam"

I do still wonder why the Salisbury Cathedral copy of Magna Charta reads "rectum vel iudiciam" in Chapter 40, unlike the other two surviving (and still-legible) copies of that original, 1215 edition.  Those other two copies read, "rectum aut iudiciam".

I assume that it is nothing more than an error made by someone who was responsible for writing out the words on each copy, but I am still curious.  I have not yet looked into whether anyone else has investigated it.  Once I have done that, I will report on what I find.  (Also, if anyone reading this knows what, if anything, those who may have already investigated this have discovered, please let me know.  Thank you.)

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Virginia Declaration of Rights

I have already quoted quite a bit of language from some of the early American state constitutions, but as a number of those constitutions themselves happen to point out, there is something to be gained from a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.  Since today is the 239th anniversary of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, this is an appropriate time to make a point of re-familiarizing ourselves with it.