Thursday, July 23, 2020

Still no executive order about face masks in Indiana

This new face mask "requirement" in Indiana was announced yesterday afternoon, but the executive order to impose that requirement still has not been posted in the governor's area of the state website, if it has been completed at all.  (Note: The press release states that "once signed", the order will appear at the internet address given, which suggests to me that the final draft has not yet been written -- or at least that it had not been written as of when the press release was released.)

I, for one, would like to actually read this executive order before commenting on it.  The press release states, "The executive order states a penalty can be levied under authority of state law," and I would like to know what this penalty is.  If the plan is to invoke threats of prosecution under IC 10-14-3-34 -- again -- then I may have to start raising questions about the idea that IC 10-14-3-34 succeeds in legitimately defining a criminal offense at all.

What is causing the delay in the publication of this executive order?  Maybe Governor Holcomb gave his staff extra time to search for ways to make the order legal.

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