Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Bill of Rights of the United States

Earlier this year, I wrote that I had digitally cleaned up and enhanced an image of one of the original copies of the Bill of Rights of the United States, before now, I haven't posted it online.  I have decided to do so right now.

Though I intended in the beginning to digitally create a cleaner, restored version of the scanned copy of the original held and displayed by the National Archives, it would be more accurate to say of the final product that I traced the writing in the original image to create a faithful representation of that writing than that what I have created is the same document that I started with, but cleaner.  Considering that the document that I started with is itself really only a scanned, digital representation of the solid, original copy, it is debatable what language would be best for expressing what I actually did, but I can at least make sure that people who look at this know what they're getting.

This document isn't perfect, but I think it meets a need that otherwise is not yet served on the Internet (unless I overlooked similar documents online when I searched for them).

''Article the First'', the Twenty-Seventh Amendment, and the ten amendments most commonly known as The Bill of Rights