Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Repairs Succeeded

In 2011, I expressed disagreement with the Indiana Supreme Court's controversial (and flawed) first Barnes decision and its subsequent controversial (and flawed) second Barnes decision.  Though my objections to the second of the two were not limited to the "right to defend" (as I came to call it) issue, those two issues were what led me to post quite a bit of information on just how highly regarded and well-established that right, which was widely known as the "First" or "Primary Law of Nature", in our own legal and philosophical traditions as well as in others.  In 2012, I also noted with approval that the Indiana General Assembly responded swiftly (considering that it is only in session for a few months at the beginning of each year) with repairs.

I am now happy to (belatedly) point out that this case from 2015 shows that those repairs succeeded.

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