Saturday, February 25, 2012

Liberty, part XXXIX

Algernon Sydney:

“No man comes to command many, unless by consent or by force.”


“Tis hard to comprehend how one man can come to be master of many, equal to himself in right, unless it be by consent or by force. If by consent, we are at an end of our controversies; Governments, and the magistrates that execute them, are created by man. They who give a being to them, cannot but have a right of regulating, limiting, and directing them as best pleaseth themselves; and all our author’s assertions concerning the absolute power of one man, fall to the ground; if by force, we are to examine how it can be possible or justifiable.”


“No man can justly impose any thing on those who owe him nothing.”


“All mankind must inherit the right [to rule], to which every one hath an equal title; and that which is dominion, if in one, when ‘tis equally divided among all men, is that universal liberty which I assert.”

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