Sunday, February 19, 2012

Liberty, Part XXXIII

W. B. Odgers, 1920:

“Every citizen enjoys the right of personal liberty; he is entitled to stay at home or walk abroad at his pleasure without interference or restraint from others. Any confinement or detention, for which no legal justification can be shown, is a ‘false imprisonment.’ Ancillary to the right of personal security is the right of self-defence. Every man may repel unlawful force by force; and this whether such unlawful force be directed against himself or against his wife, child or servant, and probably if it be directed against any weak or helpless stranger.

“Again, every one who is inside a house is entitled to use force to prevent the forcible entry into that house of any one who has no right to enter it. ‘Every man's house is his castle.’ This right is not confined to the occupier of the house or even to his family or servants. Any stranger, who is lawfully present in the house, may exercise this right.”

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