Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Clock Is Ticking

There remain some who, for the time being, are reluctant to acknowledge that the outcome of the 2020 United States Presidential Election is, in fact, what it is now widely believed to be.  Strictly speaking, I cannot say that they would be wrong to claim that the outcome is conclusively and officially settled.  (I would not say the same for some of the other claims that many of them have been making, however; the claims that many of them have made are definitely wrong.)  The probability that the President will prevail in his post-election efforts to force the election to give him a different result is, we should all admit, greater than zero.  That probability may be very close to zero, but it is not zero.  The outcome of the election may no longer be in doubt, but it is true that it is not yet definitively, authoritatively, irrevocably settled, yet.

But it will be.  The clock is ticking.... 

(In setting up this clock, I was required to set a location for it.  I chose Washington, D.C., but yes, I am aware that the Electoral College does not assemble in a single place for the actual casting of the votes, and that the electors from each state assemble in their respective states or in their federal district, as the case may be.)

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