Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Indiana Self-Defense Law

Recently, headlines (and other sources of media content) have been written which create the impression that Indiana's Right to Defend bill, which was passed by the Indiana General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Mitch Daniels this March, somehow legalizes the killing of police officers. Of course, there are certain situations in which this law actually would protect people who kill a police officer in self-defense, but, as a reasonably skeptical, level-headed person would have to suspect, the law would not legalize the murder of police officers as a general matter, or whenever they trespass on someone's property, or even whenever they enter a person's house in violation of the law. It only protects a person in using reasonable, necessary defensive force to repel unlawful police action.

Anyway, Radley Balko wrote about this at greater length.

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