Sunday, March 4, 2012

John Adams, on the Right to Defend

John Adams, in a letter to Benjamin Rush, June 24, 1812:

“The Prudence of an Individual is the Policy of a Nation. Self Preservation is the first Law of Nature to both. It is the first Duty of a Statesman especially of the first Magistrate of a Nation to watch and provide for the Preservation and Safety of his Country in all her Interests; her Agriculture, her Commerce, her Navigation, her Fisheries, all her Rights on the Ocean and on the Land; nay I will add her Morals, her Religion, in some degree or other; her Liberties; and as indispensable to the preservation of all and every one of these, to preserve a National Consciousness of her own Rights, a National Feeling of her own Power, a National Resentment of National Wrongs and Injuries.”

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